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Welcome back to our 2017 Pick-Your-Own!
See U-Pick schedule below
We will update as info is available

Mead Pick-Your-Own
Weekends Only
10am to 6pm

U-Pick Weekend September 9-10
10am - 6pm)
and Weekend Farm Stand

APPLES: Cortland, Gala, McIntosh, (?)Blondie,

There is no entrance fee for Pick-Your-Own. Strawberry, Blueberry, and Cherry pickers will find containers and will pay at the tents in the orchards. For Peaches and Apples, pickers will stop at our farm stand near the barn to pick up containers and get directions, and then drive up into the orchards. You'll pay for your U-Pick items at the farm stand. You may also park and walk -- just keep in mind there are some hills, and fruit can be heavy to carry.

PLEASE PICK ONLY the items we have selected to offer for Pick-Your-Own on each weekend. These are the items that are ripe and available to pick.

Our Farm Stand is open from Late JULY through OCTOBER, on WEEKENDS ONLY, DURING U-PICK HOURS. Here we have more already-picked fruit and vegetables in season: peaches, pears, plums, berries, and many varieties of apples. Plus vegetables, including  tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, greens, broccoli, cauliflower, corn, eggplant, summer and winter squashes, and pumpkins. In addition, we usually have our own honey, apple cider, tomato sauce, and homemade jams.

Because our Farm Stand / U-Pick operation is seasonal and rustic, we have no concession stand, and no running water, and our bathroom "facilities" are limited: "porta pottys" (with hand-washing). So please be prepared, and SMILE!  And, if you're thinking of bringing a large group, PLEASE call Beth Mead at 845-756-5641 or 845-756-2526 to see about making arrangements ahead of time. Thanks!

Please review our ORCHARD SAFETY and "ETIQUETTE" information below. Thanks.

2017 U-PICK
updated Jully 24, 2017

Note: Harvest dates for all items are our best GUESS ahead of time.
Varieties and pick dates can change on short notice due to factors such as: weather, ripening times, crop size, how soon they're picked, etc. Schedule will be updated as info changes.
Contact: 845-756-5641

Please NOTE--due to changes in food safety requirements,
PETS are NOT allowed on our farm any longer!

>> 2017 <<
U-Pick Dates

Varieties Available to Pick


Monday thru Friday, Open: 3 to 7 pm ONLY

Saturday & Sunday, 10 am to 6 pm  

The following items Pick WEEKENDS ONLY

U-Pick Dates

WEEKENDS, 10 am - 6 pm
plus Monday holidays:
Labor Day (Sept 4), and Columbus Day (Oct 9)

Dates and varieties subject to change -
call ahead to be sure: 845-756-5641

JULY 29-30 Blueberries, Peaches

AUG 4-5

Blueberries, Peaches

AUG 12-13 Blueberries, Peaches
AUG 19-20

Blueberries, Peaches

AUG 26-27

Blueberries (?), Peaches

SEP 2-3-4
(Labor Day weekend)


SEP 9-10

Peaches, Plums,
APPLES: Cort land, Gala, McIntosh, (?)Blondee
maybe Blueberries

SEP 16-17

APPLES: Cortland, Gala, Senshu, Shizuka

SEP 23-24

APPLES: Empire, Golden Delicious, Macoun, Northern Spy, Shizuka, SnapDragon


APPLES: CrimsonCrisp, Empire, Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Macoun, Northern Spy, Ruby Frost, Suncrisp

OCT 7-8-9
Columbus Day Weekend

APPLES: Cameo, CrimsonCrisp, Macoun, Mutsu, Rubyfrost

OCT 14-15

APPLES: Cameo, Stayman-Winesap, Rome

OCT 21-22

APPLES: Cameo, Fuji, Pink Lady, Rome, Stayan-Winesap

OCT 28-29 APPLES: Braeburn, Fuji, Goldrush, Pink Lady, Rome

ORCHARD ETIQUETTE: As you're in our orchards, please keep in mind that our fruit trees, and plantings are a long term investment for us -- our livelihood! We've nursed our crops through frosts (ouch), wind, rainfall variations, hail (ouch, ouch!), drought and other assorted problems and pests in order to bring you the highest quality food we can. So, while you're enjoying the fruit of our labor, please respect our farm and the trees... the way you'd want us to respect your garden, yard and plantings! Thanks!

Almost all our trees are semi-dwarf or dwarf trees.  PLEASE! NO CLIMBING the trees! Period!Also, we do NOT allow picking tools (except your hands). There's plenty of delicious fruit within easy reach from the ground. Thanks!

And for Safety's Sake--yours and others-- PLEASE:

- ALWAYS Drive  S-L-O-W-L-Y ! There are other pickers and children on foot, and other vehicles on the roads. Plus, our driving "roads" (used mostly by tractors and other farm vehicles) are pretty rough and narrow, with some 2-way traffic sections, "blind" intersections and turns. please pay attention as you drive.

- Watch your step and wear shoes and clothes suitable for the "un-manicured" outdoors and the weather. As a working farm, we have tractor ruts, holes, rocks and roots, so please take care. Also beware of the occasional patch of poison ivy.

- Keep the kids under control for their safety. PLEASE - No climbing, riding bikes, throwing stuff ... and running can be hazardous! There are other cars and sometimes farm vehicles moving through the orchard, as well as uneven ground with occasional ruts, holes (usually from varmints), roots and rocks. We want everyone to enjoy their picking experience, and be safe at the same time!

- Please leave the pets at home. Due to changes in food safety requirements (2014), we can no longer allow pets on the farm. Thanks.

- Please don't leave litter, and PLEASE--NO SMOKING!!
Thanks! Come visit us soon!

Mead Orchards LLC
Mailing address: 15 Scism Rd, Tivoli NY 12583
Phone: 845-756-5641 -- Fax: 845-756-4008