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The Meads - Chuck & Linda, Sid & Bethapple5.gif About Mead Orchards

Mead Orchards is a picturesque, 185-acre fruit orchard and vegetable farm, located in the Mid-Hudson River Valley in northern Dutchess County, New York, about 4 miles east of the Hudson River. We're about 100 miles north of Manhattan, and 50 miles south of Albany.

When G. Gordon Mead purchased the farm in 1916, it was a 100-acre "general" farm, with a small dairy, chickens, hogs, and a variety of grain and fruit crops. He shipped apples in barrels to New York City down the Hudson River by boat. The farm was known as "White Clay Creek Orchards" (White Clay Creek runs through our property) until the late 1980's, when the name was changed to Mead Orchards.

When Gordon's son, Sid, took over the farm in 1959, he specialized in wholesale apple crops, planting many new and old varieties.

Sid's son, Chuck, worked with his father for more than 20 years, and began managing the farm in the 80's, gradually adding new varieties of apples, and expanding the kinds of fruit crops. He added pears, peaches, plums, apricots and nectarines. In the 90's, he began shifting the focus toward the retail market, adding pumpkins, sweet corn, squash, tomatoes, peppers, greens, some herbs, berries, cherries and more. Now he and his helpers take up to 40 different fresh items to farmers' markets locally, and in communities closer to New York City. He's also expanding pick-your-own here on the farm.

The men of these three generations each attended Cornell College of Agriculture, and continued to study safe, effective, innovative methods of raising these crops.

In 2001, we sold the development rights from the farm so that housing tracts may never be built here (plus, we like farming!). At that time, we bought an adjacent 85 acres, and have continued to plant fruits and vegetables there.

In Loving Remembrance of
Sidney (Sid) Mead

September 11, 1924 -- January 9, 2008

Sid was born in Hudson, NY, a son of Gordon and Fay Kennedy Mead. He spent his entire life at Mead Orchards: growing up here, and overseeing it change from an old-fashioned general farm, through an exclusively wholesale apple orchards, to a modern retail-oriented fruit and vegetable operation. He was instrumental in placing the original 100 acres under a conservation easement, and was waiting for the adjacent 85 acres to follow suit.

Always advocating farmland protection, Sid was chairman for 20 years of the Red Hook Town Planning Board as it developed the original planning and zoning regulations. He was president of Dutchess County Farm Bureau, and served on the boards of the New York Farm Bureau and the New York Apple Institute.   He is greatly missed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We hope you'll come visit us at the farm during our "Pick-Your-Own" hours,
or visit our stall at one of the
Farmers Markets we participate in.

Beth Mead, Chuck and Linda Mead

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